Saturday, 6 October 2012

This Many Boyfriends Review

This Many Boyfriends
Angular Records

I am a new listener to This Many Boyfriends. Upon hearing the album I feel like such a stupid, ignorant numpty. It is fast paced, gritty pop, the type of album that makes you stand in front of your mirror and pretend you’re a member of the band.  It immediately gives you the feeling that they are your favourite band and have been for quite some time. The recording is purposefully not perfect which adds so much more texture and atmosphere to the listen. It’s not clean-cut; it doesn’t give you the impression that the band has a stylist and is aiming to be bigger than Adele. This album strengthens my belief that listening to charts is pointless. Who actually gives a fuck about the new One Direction track when there are hidden gems like this out there?

This Many Boyfriends sound like a mutation of Let’s Wrestle, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and The Cribs, which makes it quite fitting that there is a Jarman behind the scenes. This almost feels like a live album, the drums hitting you harder than a defibrillator. It genuinely makes me want to teleport back in time to 17, buy a leather jacket, sweat and dance in some overcrowded thrown together club night and fall in love.
The surprising thing to me is that this is a debut album and all 10 songs could be a single. This is a rarity, believe me. A massive well done to This Many Boyfriends and to Mr Jarman. It’s safe to say that this album should be huge, let’s just hope that people can agree with me, that sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics and appreciate a decent album.

This Many Boyfriends release this self-titled album on the 8th of October and you should buy it. Period.

Jack Falcon

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