Sunday, 7 October 2012

Swing Lo Magellan Review

Dirty Projectors
Domino Records

Dirty Projectors have been operating for quite some time now but have always had some form of cloak over their success. I like this. I like the fact that each album has brought something even more unique than the last. I also like the fact that you either ‘get’ the band or you don’t. The band originates from Brooklyn, New York. My attention was awoken when listening to their 2010 album Bitte Orca. I felt like I’d been hibernating for quite some time; listening to the same stuff, spewed out by different band names.

I am happy to say that after their success with Bitte Orca, which gave its audience a more accessible and stripped back Dirty Projector experience and also found itself rocketing to the top of my playlist, they have been permanently on my radar as a result. This band may mean nothing to you reader, they may however be that band that you keep to yourself, away from your friends because it is special and you don’t want the band to sell out arena tours, they are hidden amongst your most prized possessions.

Swing Lo Magellan was brought out earlier this year and, coming from, granted, a bias reviewer, is utterly delicious. It is rich, decadent. What sets this band apart is the use of timing or at least the manipulation and arrangement of instruments. It makes it unpredictable and actually interesting to listen to. Gun Has No Trigger has been released as a single off the album; however it is hard to decipher which might be your favourite. My personal selection being About to Die and Dance for You.

I see Dirty Projectors’ Discography as a pick’n’mix bag, full of unique, quirky and cleverly put together songs. I also see them being your favourite band for a little bit. Or at least they should be. Think back to them moments where you got giddy over hearing a new band, a new song and you’ll hopefully relate to my manic writing style. Enjoy.

Jack Falcon

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