Thursday, 25 October 2012

Plays & Pints

Ever keen to get involved with things new and interesting, Rhubarb Bomb has resurrected Taproom Theatre Productions, with which we organised a (sell out!) theatre production a few years back. Run in conjunction with our good friend Paul Bateson (whom some will know as The Passing Fancy and occasional Bomb contributor) and Hywel Roberts, Taproom is now presenting a theatre all-dayer or, as we prefer to think of it, a theatre pub crawl.

I think a lot of people have a very specific view of theatre, and sadly it is a misguided one. A trip to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many events like it can really open your eyes to the possibilities and sheer variety out there. Myself and Paul are very lucky to be good friends with Gareth Nicholls (see the most recent issue of RB) who is a theatre director in Glasgow. That friendship leads us to visit him often and see some very exciting things. We wanted to bring that freshness to Wakefield whilst also engaging with people who might not think theatre is for them.

So what are we doing? Plays & Pints takes place on December 1st in Wakefield. It kicks off around 2pm at The Hop. We'll enjoy some drinks and a performance or two. Then we'll move to Henry Boons for some shorter, twenty minute pieces, mixed in with some pie and peas. Finally, it's over to The Orangery for the headlining performance, more beer – maybe cake – and finally a bit of DJing from Rhubarb Bomb itself.

It is intended to be very sociable with short performances across the day, with plenty of time to drink and chat. Who’s performing?

A solo performance by Gary McNair, who created the show. Taking the role of a motivational speaker, Gary discusses the role and importance of money in our everyday lives and the value we place on it and people. The show is currently touring the UK and has received glowing reviews across all kinds of media. Plus, I saw it at Latitude and it was bloody brilliant. I like it so much I nearly burnt all my money (there wasn’t much to burn though).


Keiran Hurley tells the autobiographical tale of him hitching a lift to the G8 summit in Italy. Asking questions about compassion, a desire for change and the power structures of the world, this funny and heartfelt piece has recieved glowing reviews for it's engaging but thoughtful approach.

London based comedy duo who performed a successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and originally met at Bretton Hall. They mix sketch and character comedy in very interesting ways and, in their own words are influenced by “The League of Gentlemen, accidental comedians; their Nans and Grandads, American physical duo; The Pajama Men to name but a few.”

The local and incredibly well respected theatre company have created a piece especially for Plays & Pints.

Astounding puppet theatre. Yes – puppetry in Wakefield. Really special; I’m sure Henry Boons has not seen anything like this before. Invisible Thread formed after the split of the very well regarded Faulty Optic, which toured the world with its work.

Pie and Peas

We do not want you going hungry... so there will be a teatime serving of Pie and Peas available at Henry Boons.

Interactive Poetry

Yes! We will skilfully involve you in creating some poetry at the event too, to be displayed and shared with others. Don’t worry, you won’t even realise it’s happening…

We are still planning out who will play when and where, and there are more acts to be confirmed, but the day will run from 2pm onwards, til around 22:30 including the afterparty.

Tickets are £8 and are limited to just 100. That £8 will get you access to all the performances on the day, a programme and a lovely little badge. You can buy tickets through our We Fund campaign which is HERE. See Twitter and Facebook for more information. 

Try something a little different – it’ll be a great day!

Dean Freeman

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