Thursday, 11 October 2012

October 13th: Long Division Supergig

Yes you heard me: SUPERGIG. To remind people that Long Division is very much on our minds at the moment, given that next year’s dates have been confirmed as June 8th-10th, we are having a bit of an October party. So many things seemed to fall in this magical date of October 13th that it just had to be. Here is the lineup, starting with the headliners.

Johnny Foreigner

Adored by many in Wakefield, Johnny Foreigner are currently on their UK tour which is then to be followed by an extensive US tour. They are, without doubt one of the biggest cult bands around and that’s why (aside from their amazing records) that we asked them to open Long Division 2012 for us on the Friday night. We love JF!


Much has changed for PAWS in the few months since they played a mid afternoon slot at Long Division 2012. Their debut album has just come out on Fat Cat Records to rave reviews across the board and has received gushing press from all over the place, including being SPIN magazine ones to watch. Not bad for a DIY band from Glasgow. One of those bands that, despite releasing great records, really make their name through amazing live shows and as such we are thrilled they are back in Wakefield as part of their UK tour.

Runaround Kids

It’s been an exciting year for the Runaround Kids; this gig sees them come close to completing an ambitious and exciting release schedule. Having already released a CD/T-Shirt split, a 12” split EP with We Are Losers and contributed a track to Rhubarb Bomb’s The City Consumes Us Compilation since January, they now release a split Cassette with The Spills at this very show. And I thought the youth of today were idle sods. The questions is, where will they go next?


We are very pleased to welcome Johnny Foreigner’s tour buddies along to our supergig. Their brand of super fuzzy, super poppy punky indie was enough to charm JF, so why not us too? With such a cacophonous noise, its hard to believe there are only two of them. Is that true? I cant wait to find out!

Wot Gorilla?

A band that has massively impressed us this year, with a suburb debut album of complex math-rock meets post hardcore executed with perfection. My only experience of them live was at Beacons, which was great. I needed to hear more! So I booked em for this. And despite not having played Long Division before, if they don’t play it next year I will be eating my hat (unless they are on holiday, or the Letterman show or something).

The Spills

The Spills opened up the Saturday of the first ever Long Division. This year they took The Vaselines support slot. However, no-one is certain for the heavily fought after slots at this festival, so consider this their audition. Aswell as releasing a split single with Runaround Kids at this show, the new issue of Rhubarb Bomb, available for the first time at this show, features an interview with Chad of The Spills as its lead article. An interview conducted over a game of chess. Which I hope indicates how cool this band are and why it is worth getting down early (6pm!) to see them do their thing.

And for all that? Just Seven Pounds. Considering that's the price on the Jonny Foreigner regular tour, it's pretty marvellous god-damn value int it? Doors are at 6pm, so get on down early and bring PLENTY of money for merch; you are going to want to buy everything...

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