Monday, 15 October 2012

DeathChess Extra

For Issue 3.3, Rhubarb Bomb played Chess with guitarist and singer from The Spills, Chad. For every piece he lost, he had to answer a question. Sadly (for Chad) Rhubarb Bomb ended up taking ALL his pieces. So a couple of questions didn't make the issue. Here they are! 


RB: If you could soundtrack any film or TV show, what would it be?

Chad: I’m trying to think of films I love that don’t have good music. (pause as we return to game) Maybe Brideshead Revisited. That’d be cool wouldn’t it? Battlestar Galactica? The Spills… I don’t think we could soundtrack anything… Maybe Die Hard. First one. That’s the official answer. (later on in game) TV Series: The Twilight Zone. That’d be fucking cool.


RB: Which records originally inspired to pick up a guitar?

Chad: I didn’t start playing guitar til I was about 15 so I was lucky in that I had good taste at that age. A few years earlier it might have been Blink 182. It wasn’t necessarily bands that made me want to play guitar. I sure liked a hell of a lot of bands but it was more people around me writing music that encouraged me to just pick it up and try it and I got one for my birthday. It was not long over a year later when The Spills came along.


RB: You and Rob clearly put a lot of effort into your fine and fashionable hairstyles. Do you have nay grooming tips?

Chad: Me? I’d like to put on the record that I am the only one out of The Spills that uses no hair product.

RB: So it’s all natural then?

Chad: My hair? I’ve hardly got any hair! Quite a receeder. Grooming tips…

RB: Maybe you’re the wrong one to ask. Are they all pretty vain then?

Chad: They are very vain, actually. Sam looks at his hair when we go past cars in the windows and stuff. The secret to my look is all Chicken Wings. They get you really fat but then you can use all the grease on your hair. (We move to fashion tips) Actually I have a shirt that I bought – well, I’m a bit clueless, I don’t like to go shopping – on eBay. I went on and typed in ‘shirt’. To narrow the search down a bit I put in lowest price and got a shirt. Two quid it cost me (laughing). I hate going to the shops. In fact I haven’t been to a barbers in about five years. I cut my own hair!

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